jueves, 2 de mayo de 2019

Wyrd Visions. Half Eaten Guitar

Wyrd Visions. Half Eaten Guitar (blue fog, 2006)

"These recordings are truly eerie. If one were to imagine the music of a pagan Nordic culture, surrounded by stone and birch, taking cues from a broad grey sky, building a boat by candlelight, creating ceremonies from scratch… this would be that music. This is ancient and northern music, undistracted by the icons that divert orthodox black metal into corniness, unconcerned with adolescent ideas of authenticity. The actual spirit of the mythical northern mental landscape, the bog in mid-winter, has never been captured more perfectly than this. 
Stark instrumentation and intricate playing create a thick world, a window into a very real ceremony: A single drum. A breathing reed organ. A voice. A wooden guitar being digested and transformed into a message written across the night sky." Pwelverumandsun

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