martes, 31 de marzo de 2015

Sea Oleena. Sleeplessness

Sea Oleena. Sleeplessness (bridgetown records, 2011)

"Montréal multi-instrumentalist Charlotte Oline makes hushed folk as Sea Oleena" but to end the description there is an understatement. Her unique style of folk is lovingly draped in a refined blend of shoegaze and ambient melodies that cradle fragile song structures and lyrical interplay. Seemingly simple songs have layers of textures that swirl, vanish and return like clouds in the wind." Pitchfork


domingo, 22 de marzo de 2015

La Ligne Claire. La Ligne Claire

La Ligne Claire. La Ligne Claire (los emes del oso, 2011)

"A new-ish/no-ish French band plunks together unsteady junkshop/Dumpstered songs with a loose togetherness that can only come from practice, but an amateurish sensibility that says otherwise (members hover around the 18-year-old mark). My first instinct was Magik Markers territory, but the strictness of the drumming (played slowly, not an easy feat) and the consistency of themes within tell me otherwise: these two women and two men are in the process of writing their own musical language out of some fairly warped parts. No Wave to the core, but they’ve got better things to do than stand around trying to peel paint. Great effort that’ll appeal to a lot of you looking for something weird." Doug Mosurock

03. Balayage Corporel (mp3)

Tale 387! / Official Download


viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

Future Ape Tapes. Reincarnations

Future Ape Tapes. Reincarnations (self released, 2011)


lunes, 16 de marzo de 2015

Lichen Gumbo. Earthborn Jinzo

Lichen Gumbo. Earthborn Jinzo (avant archive, 2012)

"Lichen Gumbo is a rock’n’roll duo from unmapped rural Finland, where mystical muddy swamps and aurora borealis lit skylines mix with low signal sitcoms from overseas. No time for mumbo jumbo, just straight forward shredding here. These songs are about existential longing for god forsaken roadhouses and weird bohemian parties. Lichen Gumbo is the sound of blasting through the dusty roads of Savo with Pappa-Tunturi." Full of Nothing


miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2015

Old Time Relijun. Lost Light

Old Time Relijun. Lost Light (k records, 2003)

"The latest incarnation of a band that keeps re-inventing itself, while remaining true to their axis of emotional divinity. The beauty lies deeply ingrained in a jubilant outpouring of thunderclouds and crowns of thorns and tumbling bags of bones. The addition of drummer Rives Elliot to the kettle containing Arrington de Dionyso (guitar, voice and woodwinds) and Aaron Hartman (double bass) provides the music of Old Time Relijun with a resounding thud heard across the dance floor. This is a band of musicians who create, improvise and communicate. Sure, the noise and confusion of previous Old Time Relijun outings are maintained here, but the clarity of Lost Light lifts it through the skylight of destruction to a world you've never visited before. Judge it deep, thick, luscious, feral; there are still no rules to the instinctual sounds of Old Time Relijun, it's an unforced force for inner peace through catharsis."

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sábado, 7 de marzo de 2015

Hermit Thrushes. Benaki

Hermit Thrushes. Benaki (single girl married girl, 2008)

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