martes, 30 de julio de 2019

Gareth Davis & Steven R. Smith. The Line Across

Gareth Davis & Steven R. Smith. The Line Across (alt. vinyl, 2010)

"Unspooling like wisps of smoke, the tones of “Other Forms of Consecrated Life” simultaneously conjure exotica and melancholy. What Davis and Smith manage to pull off here is the sound of flickering reflections in canal tunnels, something beyond drone and soundscaping; 3/4 cloud cover sporadically parting to reveal abyssic drops within it. It is not all intangible drift though; raw guitar sequences (even rhythm parts) appear in the sound as clarinet echoes and violin/fiddle tensions make textures from foreboding trails of drones. If a piece of shorthand could be applied to Steven R Smith’s playing here, then picture a Colour Haze or Earth trading instrumental punches with Derek Bailey through a Styrofoam cup phone.

On the flipside is “The Natural History of Devastation”, a piece that falls somewhere on the fields far beyond descriptions and sounds of grace and mourning. There are unconscious nods to a GYBE! sound here, layered stately string sounds and the chiaroscuro of feedback and waves of black moving across the vinyl. This track is a slow lull of strangled clarion call, Orbison’s cold fingers on the guitar and banks of fog leaving only loss in the sound’s wake. Things might not at first listen appear like they’re going to be ok in the morning, but familiarity with “The Line Across” shows that they might just end up close to perfect after all.
" Alt. Vinyl


viernes, 26 de julio de 2019

Laraaji, Arji OceAnanda & Dallas Acid. Arrive Without Leaving

Laraaji, Arji OceAnanda & Dallas Acid. Arrive Without Leaving (flying moonlight, 2018)


martes, 23 de julio de 2019

Tashi Dorji & Shane Parish. Expecting

Tashi Dorji & Shane Parish. Expecting (MIE music, 2016)

Take 661!


sábado, 20 de julio de 2019

Stars of The Lid. Live!

Stars of The Lid. Live at Holy Trinity Church, Leeds 2008

Grabado en la Iglesia Holy Trinity en Leeds, Inglaterra el 25 de mayo de 2008


miércoles, 17 de julio de 2019

lunes, 15 de julio de 2019

Sirom. I Can Be a Clay Snapper

Sirom. I Can Be a Clay Snapper (tak:til, 2017)

''Hailing from Slovenia, Širom play vividly textured and (mostly) imagined, instrumental folk musics. Handmade and global instrumentation meets fearless sound exploration. 
The 3rd release from Glitterbeat’s new label imprint: tak:til 

Slovenia’s miniature, but incredibly diverse landscapes, echo through its distinctive cultural, historic and linguistic traits. When thinking about Širom’s geographical trajectories, as well as their musical ebb and flow, one has to consider the abundance of water that can be found in the individual regions where they come from. Cascading mountain stream lilt, lazy lowland river meandering and the mysteriously vanishing waters of Karst are most certainly inscribed into Samo Kutin’s, Iztok Koren’s and Ana Kravanja’s childhood memories and subsequently, their remarkable musical art.''

Para los amantes de Brothers of The Occult Sisterhood o Spires That In The Sunset Rise. INCREÍBLE!


viernes, 12 de julio de 2019

nuevo blog / new blog

Compathia es un blog donde compartiré bootlegs de Rock Progresivo y sus diferentes géneros (Zeuhl, Rock en la Oposición, Krautrock, Sinfónico, Rock Progresivo Italiano, Canterbury y demás) y aunque escogeré los bootlegs que tengan mejor sonido, estos no tienen ninguna mejora de audio por el momento, espero en algún momento poder hacerlo.
Pueden pedir algún concierto en específico, si no lo tengo trataré de conseguirlo.

Gracias por seguir leyendo y compartiendo


jueves, 11 de julio de 2019

Comoros & Expo '70. Live at Germ Books

Comoros & Expo '70. Live at Germ Books (sonic meditations, 2012)

''Recorded live in 2009 by Scott Slimm (aRchive) while Expo '70 was on a Fall US tour at Germ books in Philadelphia, PA, the home of Comoros. Originally to be released on CD by aRchive, Scott Slimm's label, the project has left hanging out unreleased since the label is now defunct. This release captures a majestic foray into sonic sound, each band lay down tight experiments in this confined book shop around mystic books and trinkets inspiring the night's vibe. As the World Series games were in progress featuring the Phillies, only die hard music fans gathered in the small bookshop to witness these sacred sounds.'' Sonic Meditations

Take 659!