jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2015

Starlite Coffins. Eruptionem

Starlite Coffins. Eruptionem (sanity muffin records, 2014)


sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2015

Dontanino 5 Años / 5 Years

Jade Emperor. Telegrams For Our Council Oak (students of decay, 2006)

Take 414!

Bridget Hayden. A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean (kraak, 2011)

Take 415!

Ashtray Navigations. The Beak Stuck Out  Of The Snow (memoirs of an aesthete, 2010)


Take 416!

Cyclobe. Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window (phantomcode, 2011)


Take 417!

Fursaxa & The Juniper Meadows. Split (foxglove, 2004)

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Ov. The Moon Is Down (jewelled antler, 2005)

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Terracid. Abraxas (music your min will love you, 2006)


Take 420!

Painting Petals on Planet Ghost. Painting Petals on Planet Ghost (time lag, 2005)


Take 421!

Chamellows. Rat Hearts (fonal, 2006)

Take 422!

Nalle. Wilder Shore of Love (alt vinyl, 2010)

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Delia Derbyshire. Music From The BBC Radiophonic Music

Take 424!

Goliath Bird Eater. Black Pentagon (ruralfaune, 2008)

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jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2015

Planets Around The Sun. Gold

Planets Around The Sun. Gold (digitalis, 2010)

"acoustic drones flicker like organic spires in the distance. the group's combined voices singing through heavy rays like sirens beckoning you home. the build-up is incredible. minimal, nearly-tribal drums push the movement to another level entirely as it enters into its cathartic, critical mass before breaking down and decaying back into the earth. left behind are the strums of guitars and industrial, percussive blasts that couldn't be contained in the fallout"

Take 413!


domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2015

The Skygreen Leopards. Child God In The Garden of Idols

The Skygreen Leopards. Child God In The Garden of Idols (jagjaguwar, 2005)

"Child God is the chronicle of the Shadow Experience. You may hear the sound of boots on pine needles before its drowned out by poet-talk and song; the sound of strumming guitars that erupt into crippled-hand tambourine; smoke-circle bowed banjo & hobo mister mysticism; the sweet chiming birds of Eden flirting with boyish gales of half-wit words half-masticated in the teeth-mind; Glenn & Donovan trying to make the shaky knees stiffen enough to dance." Jagjaguwar



03. Hill-Dwelling Bride

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jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015

Woodpecker Wooliams. Sleeping Under Dark Suns

Woodpecker Wooliams. Sleeping Under Dark Suns (My Dance The Skull, 2010)

"Sleeping Under Dark Suns is a story of sleeping women in myth. Women that sleep or go under. Women that grow mute or die. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Lilith, Eurydice, the Honeybee in winter’s dreaming time. Two ten-minute compositions, the second a collaboration with the dark and murky Talvihorros. Slumberous, somnolent, drowsy dears. Where are our women? What have they done? Out in the woods, up in the towers, down in the dungeons, we’ve been eating apples, and loving men, swooning under their stern gazes, and giving up ghosts. I wanted to find out why…” MDTS


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martes, 3 de noviembre de 2015

Sonic Arts Union. Electric Sound

Sonic Arts Union. Electric Sound (1971)

Alvin Lucier
Robert Ashley
David Behrman
Gordon Mumma

"Sonic Arts Union's Electric Sound offers four pioneering exercises in electronica by Alvin Lucier, Robert Ashley, David Behrman and Gordon Mumma, of which Lucier's buzzy-clicky "Vespers" is the most interesting. Music for Flute and Piano has pieces by Messiaen, Berio and Castiglioni performed with dry rigour by Severino Gazzelloni and Aloys Kontarsky; while the latter's recording of Charles Ives's Concord piano sonata stretches the series's brief further into the past than usual." Independent

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