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The Dead Texan. The Dead Texan

The Dead Texan. The Dead Texan (kranky, 2004)

"The Dead Texan are sonatas to Stars of the Lid's noctambulant fugues. Or as Adam Wiltzie describes them, mini symphonies. The presence of piano and strings are reminiscent of Zbigniew Preisner's soundtrack work and the feel is suggestive of George Delerue's early 60s soundtracks, but the surreal smear of guitars is Wiltzie's unmistakable contribution. Wiltzie has been living in Brussels, Belgium for the past few years. A decidedly European, filmic sensibility wafts through The Dead Texanas a song title like "La Ballade de Alain Georges" (with its reference to the 1940s French actor) and snatches of dialogue indicate. Tracks vary from the flowing, transparent melody on "A Chronicle of Early Failures - Part 2" to delicate and fleeting vignettes." Brainwashed

Taco de Macque (mp3)

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sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2015

Yarn/Wire and Pete Swanson. Eliminated Artist

Yarn/Wire and Pete Swanson. Eliminated Artist (issue project room, 2015)

"Known for his uncompromising tape and synthesizer work, Pete Swanson has pushed the limits of electronic music since the early 2000s. Since stepping down as half of formative underground duo Yellow Swans, he has subverted the genres of noise and electronic dance music as a solo artist. For Eliminated Artist, the third LP release from ISSUE Project Room’s Distributed Objects imprint, Swanson ventures into new territories with two works at the intersection of electronic and acoustic sound, created in collaboration with New York instrumental quartet Yarn/Wire. Combining electronics, tape loops, and modular synthesizer with Yarn/Wire’s unique ensemble of two pianists and two percussionists, both works were recorded live at ISSUE Project Room, initiated as part of the ensemble’s 2011 residency at the Brooklyn venue and presenting organization.
For the title track, Eliminated Artist (2012), Swanson recorded improvised rehearsals by Yarn/Wire, from which he crafted an exacting, repeatable framework for live performance. A combination of live signal and rehearsal recordings were then constructed by Swanson into a live electronic mix, ranging from tranquil chromatic textures to unhinged distortion. Corrections(2014) emerged from a series of recorded fragments Swanson made using “the Putney”, an early EMS VCS3 modular synthesizer, at Rotterdam’s WORM studios in 2013. Over two days of rehearsal, Yarn/Wire and Swanson developed acoustic arrangements to integrate with the earlier recordings. Clattering, intricate rhythms combine with soaring synthesizer pitches and heavy percussive beats; the result is atmospheric, physical and precise." Issue Project Room


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Wooden Wand. Radio Sessions, Volume 1

Wooden Wand. Radio Sessions, Volume 1 (self released, 2013)

"Unedited recording of an on-air radio performance of the pared-down touring band (Keith Wood, Clay Ruby, and Satya Sai) in anticipation of the Second Attention album, which would not be released for several months. The playing is loose and a little wild, the way an under-rehearsed, early afternoon radio performance can be, as we prepared to descend onto Austin for SXSW 2006. First-ever performance of the rarely played “The Invisible Children,” which was so new, it didn’t even have a title yet (and really should have been sung in a higher key). I didn’t catch the name of the KVRX engineer who did such a good job recording us, but if it’s you, get in touch so we can give you the credit you deserve!"


lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2015

Arrington de Dionyso. Sound Is The Medicine

Arrington de Dionyso. Sound Is The Medicine (self released, 2015)

"This album was recorded to magnetic cassette using a modified Marantz tape recorder and a Neumann U-67 ribbon microphone on January 2nd, 2015. "Side One" features the Lalove, an end blown bamboo flute made in Central Sulawesi. "Side Two" features several different khomuz, or Siberian jew's harps, and some voice. The Sound Is The Medicine."


domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2015

Ghost. Overture: Live in Nippon Yusen Soko 2006

Ghost. Overture: Live in Nippon Yusen Soko 2006 (drag city, 2007)

"As soon as that crash rumbles outward, trailed by a moment of quiet, we sense how perfectly the acoustic properties of the warehouse suit the band's art. That expanse, that tangible nothingness, is more than negative space. It envelops you like the clouds and waves wrap around Winslow Homer's lonely boaters, making them somehow lonelier and that loneliness more heroic. Likewise when Michio Kurihara lays siege to the venue's architectural emptiness with his electric guitar, it feels like a struggle against cosmic emptiness. Ultimately that is the mood of Overture. While it does feel introspective, this wandering inward is no cakewalk: it is a bumpy travel through turmoil and discord and nonstop tension." Pitchfork

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Six Organs of Admittance / William Tyler. Parallelogram

Six Organs of Admittance / William Tyler. Parallelogram (three lobed recordings, 2015)

"Multi-movement suites have long been a skillful part of the Six Organs of Admittance lexicon. Chasny’s contribution, “Lsha,” expands upon this artistic legacy as it commandingly pulses and moves through its three propulsive phases. Tyler presents two long-form tracks that further cement his unmatched combination of melody and composition. “No Marigolds In The Promised Land” fits into the mold of Tyler’s imaginary audio travelogues, rolling through hills and dales via the mind’s eye. His side is capped off with “Southern Living,” a gorgeous track that features more feedback than your average WT piece but also stands as a highlight within his greater catalog (from a catalog full of high water marks)." Three Lobed Recordings 


martes, 8 de diciembre de 2015

Traveling Bell. Scatter Ways

Traveling Bell. Scatter Ways (secret eye, 2005)

"One of the members of Spires, Kathleen Baird, recording under the name The Traveling Bell, finds, perhaps a slightly better balance, and an easier (but certainly not lazy) sound with her lovely solo album Scatter Ways. Baird takes a generally more melodic approach to her own music, but the odd touches of dissonance still creep in here and there. Acoustic guitar playing is sprinkled with soft drones, distant bells, jangling, shaking percussion, wind instruments, and various brushstrokes of organic sound, along with Baird's vocals. Far from having the airy kind of voice of the typical female singer/songwriter, Baird's voice is expressive and unusual, and she's not afraid to utilize her singing to create strange sounds, though she doesn't do that as much on this album as in the group context with Spires. She also throws in a few evocative, instrumental cuts on the album." Aural Innovations

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martes, 1 de diciembre de 2015

Plankton Wat. Dawn of The Golden Eternity

Plankton Wat. Dawn of The Golden Eternity (dnt records, 2009)

"a vast array of sounds and moods, from blissed-out drone punk rippers to super chill deep space folk. Total late night stoney textures, and radiant sun anthems. Acoustic and electric guitar, drums, banjo, mbira, and some singing, all mega tripped with syrupy analogy delay. Really beautiful heavy zoners" Forced Exposure

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Starlite Coffins. Eruptionem

Starlite Coffins. Eruptionem (sanity muffin records, 2014)


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Dontanino 5 Años / 5 Years

Jade Emperor. Telegrams For Our Council Oak (students of decay, 2006)

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Bridget Hayden. A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean (kraak, 2011)

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Ashtray Navigations. The Beak Stuck Out  Of The Snow (memoirs of an aesthete, 2010)


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Cyclobe. Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window (phantomcode, 2011)


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Fursaxa & The Juniper Meadows. Split (foxglove, 2004)

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Ov. The Moon Is Down (jewelled antler, 2005)

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Terracid. Abraxas (music your min will love you, 2006)


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Painting Petals on Planet Ghost. Painting Petals on Planet Ghost (time lag, 2005)


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Chamellows. Rat Hearts (fonal, 2006)

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Nalle. Wilder Shore of Love (alt vinyl, 2010)

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Delia Derbyshire. Music From The BBC Radiophonic Music

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Goliath Bird Eater. Black Pentagon (ruralfaune, 2008)

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jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2015

Planets Around The Sun. Gold

Planets Around The Sun. Gold (digitalis, 2010)

"acoustic drones flicker like organic spires in the distance. the group's combined voices singing through heavy rays like sirens beckoning you home. the build-up is incredible. minimal, nearly-tribal drums push the movement to another level entirely as it enters into its cathartic, critical mass before breaking down and decaying back into the earth. left behind are the strums of guitars and industrial, percussive blasts that couldn't be contained in the fallout"

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domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2015

The Skygreen Leopards. Child God In The Garden of Idols

The Skygreen Leopards. Child God In The Garden of Idols (jagjaguwar, 2005)

"Child God is the chronicle of the Shadow Experience. You may hear the sound of boots on pine needles before its drowned out by poet-talk and song; the sound of strumming guitars that erupt into crippled-hand tambourine; smoke-circle bowed banjo & hobo mister mysticism; the sweet chiming birds of Eden flirting with boyish gales of half-wit words half-masticated in the teeth-mind; Glenn & Donovan trying to make the shaky knees stiffen enough to dance." Jagjaguwar

03. Hill-Dwelling Bride

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jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015

Woodpecker Wooliams. Sleeping Under Dark Suns

Woodpecker Wooliams. Sleeping Under Dark Suns (My Dance The Skull, 2010)

"Sleeping Under Dark Suns is a story of sleeping women in myth. Women that sleep or go under. Women that grow mute or die. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Lilith, Eurydice, the Honeybee in winter’s dreaming time. Two ten-minute compositions, the second a collaboration with the dark and murky Talvihorros. Slumberous, somnolent, drowsy dears. Where are our women? What have they done? Out in the woods, up in the towers, down in the dungeons, we’ve been eating apples, and loving men, swooning under their stern gazes, and giving up ghosts. I wanted to find out why…” MDTS

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Sonic Arts Union. Electric Sound

Sonic Arts Union. Electric Sound (1971)

Alvin Lucier
Robert Ashley
David Behrman
Gordon Mumma

"Sonic Arts Union's Electric Sound offers four pioneering exercises in electronica by Alvin Lucier, Robert Ashley, David Behrman and Gordon Mumma, of which Lucier's buzzy-clicky "Vespers" is the most interesting. Music for Flute and Piano has pieces by Messiaen, Berio and Castiglioni performed with dry rigour by Severino Gazzelloni and Aloys Kontarsky; while the latter's recording of Charles Ives's Concord piano sonata stretches the series's brief further into the past than usual." Independent

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viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

Castanets. VPRO Session 2009

Castanets. VPRO Session October 30, 2009

Castanets en vivo: Raymond Raposa, Trevor Montgomery, Gillian Chadwick, Dan Wilson & Germaine Baca-Has

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Latinoamérica Vol. 34: Otra Carpeta. Colchón Estable

Otra Carpeta. Colchón Estable (suRRism-phonoethics, 2010)

"At first I thought in doing this ep has a solo bass work because i was rehearsal for some gigs, but at the end i add a couple of “sequencer pieces” as i call them, and some cuts of a piano session recorded in a studio that my friend Leo had access. With all that, i finish this ep at the end of january, but i wasn’t please with the sound of it, so i try different kinds of mixes until i knew that it wasn’t about the mix, so i decide to re-record the whole ep thru my living room speakers to gave the tracks a very natural and particular reverb, the idea also excite me because i thought of this like a way to really recreate my listening room wherever the tracks are listen." Carlos Edelmiro

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lunes, 19 de octubre de 2015

Acid Mothers Temple. Live Falmouth 2015

Acid Mothers Temple. Live in Falmouth Cornwall, UK October 17, 2015 


viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

Festival. Come, Arrow, Come!

Festival. Come, Arrow, Come! (language of stone, 2008)

Esto es desde hoy para siempre, únicamente para meterse en la eternidad y disolver la distancia.


viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

Qualchan. Pools of Light-Pools of Shadow

Qualchan. Pools of Light-Pools of Shadow (beauty supply, 2015)

"don't hate yourself!..." 
"could you see my heart was yearning?" 
"for walking through the desert"


jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015

Ariel Pink. Pedestrian Pop Hits

Ariel Pink. Pedestrian Pop Hits (latitudes, 2005)

"1 track, 17 minutes. An epic gelatinous sea of reverbed vocals, curious synth lines, mouthed drums and shimmering guitar. An amazing testament to Ariel Pink as a live group entity. Ace!" Southern Records

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lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015

Gulliver. Never Ask

Gulliver. Never Ask (folktale records, 2009)

Psy-folk casero, de varías voces cantando bajo el mismo lenguaje de infinita nostalgía


sábado, 3 de octubre de 2015

Dustin Wong. Infinite Love

Dustin Wong. Infinite Love (thrill jockey, 2012)

"This journey or musical process is increasingly being lost in the digital era, where often the focus is on tracks or collections of tracks. To highlight that journey, Infinite Love is presented as a double album, each with the same opening and different paths to the final codas. It is the listener’s choice which path to take. Dustin puts it thus, "In Infinite Love the listener gets two choices." Thrill Jockey

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martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

The Juniper Meadows. A Forest of Lights

The Juniper Meadows. A Forest of Lights (mymwly, 2005)

"Like walking through fields in summer, or lying beneath the stars on a clear night. Each track has a different approach, differing in both instrumentation and mood. To illustrate, I'll describe my favourite tracks. "Morning Mist and Fog" is based solely on a gentle melodica melody, but it is both honest and touching in its rural atmosphere. "Alchemists in the Snow" is based on one dominating theme on banjo and oud. "The Winter Cistern" has a darker, lower sound to it, and is again very different from the other tracks." Evening of Light



domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2015

Larkin Grimm. Moons of June

Larkin Grimm. Moons of June (self released, 2015)

Parplar Vol. 2???? simplemente espectacular regreso de uno de los pilares del space-folk. Efectivamente tracks grabados durante las sesiones de aquel maravilloso album en 2008, y a pesar del paso de los años estas canciones se escuchan tan actuales como si fuera una sesión completamente en vivo.

"These were the songs I was writing during the Parplar Era, when I was traveling constantly and living in a tent or in my car or sleepig on couches. As a result they were all recorded outside of a studio environment and you can hear the birds and the insects and frogs and helicopters in the recordings if you listen carefully. I was happy to live outside for a couple of years and it was a beautiful, spiritual, productive time musically. These are songs about my anarchist friends, my wild and dirty lovers, hippies who took care of me when I was sick and earth mamas who fed me. Oh yeah, and Wizards. Real wizards and shamans I met who tripped me out hard and taught me that MAGIC IS REAL." Larkin Grimm


lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2015

Shamans from Space in the Land of the Master Goat

Shamans From Space. Shamans from Space in the Land of the Master Goat (self released, 2013)

Shamans From Space no es solo un colectivo, es en realidad un estilo de vida (al menos por un tiempo) dirigido por Javi, Shamans se internan en los bosques de Mallorca para poder formar parte de él mientras tocan en vivo.

"Recorded in an ancient "Magick Circle" made of stone near the top of the mountain the 14 of september of 2013. During the performance, a big male goat appeared and stood still in front of us." 


domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015

Loren Connors & Bill Orcutt. Natch 8

Loren Connors & Bill Orcutt. Natch 8

Recorded August 30, 2012 at Georgia

"What follows is the product of an afternoon, an afternoon on which very little was said. These men are antennae. A singular duality without the asking, transmission ditto." Keith Connolly


jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2015

Million Brazilians. New Ideas in Psychic Music Vol. II

Million Brazilians. New Ideas in Psychic Music Vol. II (sonic meditations, 2011)

"Million Brazilians are no strangers to Kansas City as half of them used to live here and now reside in Portland, Oregon where there is no shortage of free thinking and experimental music inspired by nature and the environment it's self. "Sexual Desert" is a continuation in their "New Ideas for Psychic Music" series, this being a conceptual journey through the desert sweating out sexual vibrations by way of free improvisation. The music will no doubt lift you to the inner hallucinations of tribal squandering and frantic ritual out-of-body experiences if you let it. Recorded last year in Kansas City while on their US tour by Ashley Miller." 

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Amps For Christ. The People at Large

Amps For Christ. The People at Large (5 rue christine, 2004)


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miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2015

Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura. Untitled

Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura. Untitled (golden lab records, 2013)


miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2015

Sun Araw. Geneva Hits

Sun Araw. Geneva Hits (mental groove records, 2015)

Live at L’Usine in Geneva June 25, 2009


jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

Cursillistas/Love Cult. Split Album

Cursillistas/Love Cult. Split CS (blackest rainbow, 2010)

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Cian Nugent. Childhood, Christian Lies & Slaughter

Cian Nugent. Childhood, Christian Lies & Slaughter (audiomer, 2008)

"Cian writes contemplative, melodic and somewhat bluesy songs that 
always ring true. The one cover, Baka Dance, has more of an older, 
folky theme, but all of the songs have an organic, human quality that 
feels just right. If this was released in the mid-70's, it would fit 
perfectly in the Takoma catalogue with John Fahey and Leo Kottke. 
Pretty great company for a young whippersnapper like Cian Nugent." Downtown Music Gallery

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