miércoles, 27 de enero de 2021

Vibracathedral Orchestra. Unnatural with Pain-Relief


Vibracathedral Orchestra. Unnatural with Pain-Relief (krayon recordings, 2015)


Pocahaunted & Orphan Fairytale. Split 7''


Pocahaunted & Orphan Fairytale. Split 7'' (release the bats, 2008)

"One track each from Pocahaunted (California) and Orphan Fairytale (Belgium). Pocahaunted has been real busy the last year: opening for Sonic Youth, several collaborations with Robedoor, tape/cd-r releases on Not Not Fun, Arbor, Fuck It Tapes etc, split LPs with Christina Carter and Mythical Beast... and yeah, we could go on forever (and mention the 2 new vinyl albums on Arbor and Woodsist that are being released at the same time as this 7"...)! Here Amanda and Bethany gives us Warpaint, another dubbed-out and almost heavy lo-fi anthem with that always so special and unique Pocahaunted vibe. The discography of Orphan Fairytale, the solo moniker of Eva Van Deuren, mainly consists of very limited tape and cd-r releases so far, with the only previous vinyl output being an amazing collaboration LP with Mudboy. Live actions includes a performance at No Fun Fest 2007 and a set that took place inside of a container. Here she continues with her haunting and always captivating and melodic keyboard hymns. Made By Mermaids is a trip in the ocean gone bad." Release the Bats

Take 724!


sábado, 23 de enero de 2021

Jarse. Det Gar Runt Igen

Jarse. Det Gar Runt Igen (fonal, 2014)


viernes, 15 de enero de 2021

Davenport. Wulfcult Rising

Davenport. Wulfcult Rising (777 was 666, 2005)

Edición de 50 cassettes


viernes, 8 de enero de 2021

Pepper Proud. Riddles & Rhymes

Pepper Proud. Riddles & Rhymes (self released, 2012)

"Weaving thought provoking tales of a life’s voyage unfolding; Proud’s stirring emotive voice floats above softly plucked guitar, layers of string instruments and light percussion. Riddles & Rhymes portrays life as a journey, filled with interesting characters, relationships, spontaneous creativity and patient effort. Her message is simple- its time to share the love. love. love." Pepper Proud


lunes, 4 de enero de 2021

Anahita. Arcana en Cantos

Anahita. Arcana en Cantos (alt. vinyl, 2010)

Anahita es Helena Espvall y Tara Burke


viernes, 1 de enero de 2021

Tuluum Shimmering. Bird Song


Tuluum Shimmering. Bird Song (2020)