martes, 28 de junio de 2016

Rad Kjetil Senza Testa. Null/Void & End

Rad Kjetil Senza Testa. Null/Void & End (yerevan tapes, 2016)

Collective act from Sweden with previous releases on Northern Elctronics, Funeral Fog and Kalligrammofon, they mix their own blend of kraut, ambient, space-age electronics with a strong mystic touch.


lunes, 27 de junio de 2016

Latinoamérica Vol. 37: Llamado de La Magia

Llamado de La Magia. Llamado de La Magia (self released, 2015)

Sonidos e imágenes como estas solo podrían venir de mentes visionarias. Llevo algunos años siguiendo con intensa pasión el trabajo de Alejandro Sordi ilustrador argentino y de tiempo acá noto este estilo ácido, cósmico y por momentos sumamente rebuscado en cuanto a composición y colores, algo se veía venir.
Un trabajo simplemente hermoso.

Llamado de La Magia es un proyecto audiovisual de Paula Duró y Alejandro.


martes, 21 de junio de 2016

Paul R. Marcano and Andre Martin. Valley Flutes-As It IS

 Paul R. Marcano and Andre Martin. Valley Flutes-As It IS (constellation tatsu, 2015)

Valley Flutes: Composed by Paul R. Marcano in 1973 on a SONY TC630, Reel to Reel was played on a typical Recorder ‘flute’ instrument captured with an overdose of echo, recorded three times at slow, medium and high speed to finally be mastered for playback at medium speed. This 45 minute segment is direct from the original 4 hour recording and remains a precursor to the Ambient genre of music that Brian Eno was to popularize much later in 1978. Relax and Enjoy. 

As It IS: Composed by Andre Martin, literally in the nowness of time, As it IS is one of those compositions that arises fro the immutable depth of resonance of being that Andre is so adept at expressing in his music. His work remains timeless in this fashion with nothing contrived beyond what simply ‘is’. to listen, is to understand the breadth of his mind’s eye, as it is. Nun said, listen


viernes, 10 de junio de 2016

Fountainsun. Music Today

Fountainsun. Music Today (gnome life, 2015)

"Music Today transmits impressions of lush and varied regions, distant and present eras. One could picture our troubadours 3,000 years in the past with flute and drum in hand wandering across grassy hills, playing merry tunes that make the bamboo sway in time. Or they may be seated in the temple chamber of an interstellar ship, composing music to the entropic spin of distant galaxies."  Gnome Life

Uno de los períodos mas lentos de producción audiovisual de Daniel Higgs, sin duda valió la pena, sin dudarlo! Simplemente hermoso!


miércoles, 8 de junio de 2016

Latinoamérica Vol. 36: Pandelindio. Live at Una.Casa

Pandelindio. Live at Una.Casa (frente al fuego ediciones, 2016)

Recorded with Tascam Dr-40 at Una Casa (San Telmo, BsAs) 
November 14th 2015 Pakapi Festival “Encuentro Subterraneo”


domingo, 5 de junio de 2016

Lamp of The Universe. Transcendence

Lamp of The Universe. Transcendence (astral projection, 2013)

Take 447!


miércoles, 1 de junio de 2016

Latinoamérica Vol. 35: Peregrino El Azul Helado del Alba

Peregrino El Azul Helado del Alba (resting bell, 2010)

"Peregrino is Bernardo Durand’s project. He was born in Muñiz, Argentina in 1982. He teaches Literature to young boys. Peregrino began in 2007, when Bernardo got his accordion. He likes very much to be with Cecilia. Bernardo also likes John Keats, Jorge Luis Borges and John Clare’s poetry. And he enjoys listen to some music as Federico Durand and Elis Regina." Resting Bell

Take 446!