jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2020

Weston Olencki. That High Lonesome Sound


Weston Olencki. That High Lonesome Sound (2020)


martes, 15 de diciembre de 2020

Josh Kimbrough. Slither, Soar & Disappear


Josh Kimbrough. Slither, Soar & Disappear (tompkins square, 2020)


sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2020

Samara Lubelski & Bill Nace

 Samara Lubelski & Bill Nace. Samara Lubelski & Bill Nace (relative pitch, 2018)


viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2020

Pelt Part Wild Gate. Hung on Sunday

 Pelt Part Wild Gate. Hung on Sunday (MIE music, 2013)

Nathan Bowles, Mike Gangloff, Patrick Best, Tycho Shea-Gangloff, Pascal Nichols, Kelly Jayne y Michael Morley.

"Hung On Sunday documents this extraordinary performance, when an intercontinental ensemble folded up into a mid-size room in a little corner of England tapped into the music that has long transfixed the world. The results are sublime. The first tentative taps and chimes coalesce over three quarters of an hour into something with the sonic integrity of a holy rite; the artists passing from noisenik offhandedness to breathtaking solemnity. It is a dangerous thing to conjure with alien magicks and musics. But the members of Pelt, Part Wild Horses and Gate did so with care and reverence. And the music moves us as much as it did when the world was still young." Brent S. Sirota

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sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2020

Dontanino: 10 Años / Ten Years

Sun Araw Band IX. Yucca Valley 2012

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Dream / Aktion Unit. Blood Shadow Rampage (volcanic tongue, 2006)

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Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt. Various Live


Gonzalez, Steenkiste, Druss, Rois & Reverend 33. Where the Bongos at Man?
Jam grabado en Scheld'apen, Antwerp, Belgium el 8 de abril, 2013.


V/A. Levitations (ruralfaune, 2014)


Lichens. Infinity (self released, 2009)


Love Cult. Live in Saransk (panda fuzz, 2011)


Mountainhood. The Boat-Maker's Daughter (blackburn recordings, 2010)


Natural Snow Buildings. Live at Incubate Festival 2011

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Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood. Preying in Circles (root strata, 2011)

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Silvester Anfang. DWARS VPRO Session 2007


Hush Arbors. Live at Quiet Music Festival 2014


miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2020

Wil Bolton. Nights Paths

 Wil Bolton. Nights Paths (hidden vibes, 2017)


sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2020

The North Sea. Remembering the Romance


The North Sea. Remembering the Romance (the jewel garden, 2020)

The North Sea (Brad Rose) regresa después de 8 años en penumbra, bajo un sello propio The Jewel Garden. Música nueva de Ajilvsga, Charlatan y Peak Eloquence.


lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2020

Li Jianhjong. Here Is It


Li Jianhjong. Here Is It (cfi, 2010)


miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2020

William Clay Martin. Future Street


William Clay Martin. Future Street (self released, 2012)


martes, 20 de octubre de 2020

Latinoamérica Vol. 50: Bardo Todol y Lorenzo Gómez Oviedo


Bardo Todol y Lorenzo Gómez Oviedo. Tu Cara estirada por el Éxtasis (kirigirisu recordings, 2020)

Conversaciones sonoras entre Lorenzo y Pablo.


lunes, 12 de octubre de 2020

G. Steenkiste. ZHT MTC


G. Steenkiste. ZHT MTC (dadaist tapes, 2020)


miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2020

Plankton Wat. Hidden Path


Plankton Wat. Hidden Path (sky lantern, 2017)

"Hidden Paths finds Mahood digging deep into the roots, eschewing any sort of vocals or traditional songcraft to focus on what has almost become a trademarked blend of dirt-road-psych-folk picking and broiling electric guitar meditations. Needless to say, if you dug his cut on our recent Stand With Standing Rock benefit cassette you have an idea what you're in for here. Keep an eye out for more new vibes from both Plankton Wat and Dewey's most recent project, Galaxy Research!" Sky Lantern Records

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lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2020

Voice of The Seven Woods. S/T

Voice of The Seven Woods. S/T (2007)


domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2020

Second Family Band. Twelfth Night Reunion


Second Family Band. Twelfth Night Reunion (brave mysteries, 2020)


Pocahaunted. Gold Miner's Daughter


Pocahaunted. Gold Miner's Daughter (exbx tapes, 2009)


lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2020

jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2020

Pink Luminous Invocation. Pink Fuck

Pink Luminous Invocation. Pink Fuck (the cat box corp. 2007)


jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2020

Jantar. Panisperna

Jantar. Panisperna (mie music, 2017)

"Panisperna shoots riffs, stalks and flowers right up out of the ground. From the waves still reverberating from Canterbury Gongs and Soft Machines, Jantar propels green, driving rock forms, and leafs out into repeating rows of complex time and growth patterns. For this first foray into rock music, Jantar has enlisted the assistance of Pigeons Clark Griffin and Wednesday Knudsen, who contribute synth and sax, respectively. Long time ally and champion Jason Meagher (No-Neck Blues Band, Steve Gunn) recorded this music at the venerable Black Dirt Studios." Rob Smith


viernes, 28 de agosto de 2020

V/A. New Music for Old Instruments

V/A. New Music for Old Instruments (incunabulum records, 2012)

"Curated by Jozef van Wissem the “New Music For Old Instruments” festival took place all over the world: in Brussels, New York, Paris, Utrecht, Antwerp and other cities. The idea was to rid traditional instruments of their clichés. When one thinks of a lute for example the Robin Hood image comes to mind of the player standing under a balcony serenading a lady and getting a flower pot thrown at him. In order to update the instrument, to make it mature and give it it’s recognition it deserves, one needs to put it in an entire different and contemporary context, so one denounces audience expectations for example. like not playing the instrument in a classical manner or not playing the instrument for over a minute in concert, making the audience the performer, albeit uneasy and claustrophobic. what else can be done? early instruments can be processed on laptop in many different ways, field recordings can be added, lute tablature can be performed backwards, baroque themes can be repeated without end, the freeing up of these constraints seem endless.  the idea is to drag the instrument out of the museum, out of the safe hands of a small group of specialists and give it back to the people. the lute off course is only an example. there are other instruments like this which suffer from cliche. pedal steel, harpsichord, steel guitar you name it. “new music for old  instruments” intends to liberate these instruments by updating them in non-conventional ways." Incunabulum

Keiji Haino, Heresy of The Frees Spirit, Sharron Kraus, Urpf Lanze, Jozef Van Wissem, Cian Nugent.


martes, 25 de agosto de 2020

Samara Lubelski & Marcia Bassett. Morning Flare Symmetries

Samara Lubelski & Marcia Bassett. Morning Flare Symmetries (feeding tube, 2020)

"The fourth album that Samara Lubelski and Marcia Bassett have recorded as a duo (the second for us, following 2017’s Live NYC LP) is much less about drones than some of their previous work. Morning Flare Symmetries blares like a ram’s horn blown as a call to angelic battle.

Everyone has been unanimous in agreement that this improvising duo has achieved a new highpoint in the musical histories of both Samara and Marcia. They each have deep roots in the East Coast sub-underground, with a whole dang lot of band names between ’em, but in this configuration they just continue to get weirder and better on every outing. The string blend they manage to invent is a hugely psychedelic wave that washes over everything in its path. And when you’re enveloped in its massive flow, you are hauled along by sonic forces that are way beyond your control.

Some parts are soothing, others are eruptive, but they work a really amazing push-pull on your brain, so that the individual sections don’t feel competitive so much as complimentary. Like thousands of tiny thumbs urging your spirit to free itself? Sure, why not?

I absolutely encourage you to check out all of their albums. but this new one is a particular killer, so maybe you ought to start right here." Byron Coley, 2020


jueves, 20 de agosto de 2020

sábado, 15 de agosto de 2020

Ivonne Van Cleef. The Rustler (El Cuatrero)

Ivonne Van Cleef. The Rustler (El Cuatrero) (2020)

Basado e inspirado en el trabajo de Caleb R.K. Williams

El Cuatrero es de los mejores albums de este desastroso año.


lunes, 10 de agosto de 2020

Black Forest / Black Sea. Black Forest / Black Sea

Black Forest / Black Sea. Black Forest / Black Sea (music fellowship, 2006)

"This is the fourth BF/BS full-length, and the 2nd self-titled album - recorded in Providence, RI, Portland, ME and Montague, MA with guest performances by Italian sound sculptor Stefano Pilia (guitar, tiny sounds) and Miriam's sister Margot Goldberg (phonorgan). Yet another sister - Gillian Goldberg - provides lyrics. Miriam and Jeffrey also incorporate voice, ur-pedal, casio, bul bul tarang and omnichord." Music Fellowship

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miércoles, 29 de julio de 2020

Rick Tomlinson. Phases od Daylight

Rick Tomlinson. Phases od Daylight (voix records, 2017)



miércoles, 22 de julio de 2020

V/A. Surrender to the Pull

V/A. Surrender to the Pull (halfshell records, 2016)

Surrender to the Pull fue creado con amor en colaboración de Gabriel Seaver, Madelyn Strutz y Maryclaire Rigby.


miércoles, 15 de julio de 2020

Lau Nau. Live at Röykkälä

Lau Nau. Live at Röykkälä (beacon sound, 2020)

"Previously only available as a cdr on her tour of Japan in 2016, these 8 songs have been remastered and are available digitally and as a deluxe cassette edition of 50 copies. Singing in her native Finnish, Naukkarinen invites the listener into her engaging chambers of observation, using both guitar and keyboards to straddle the line between folk and pop, and between melancholy and a quiet radiance." Beacon Sound


sábado, 4 de julio de 2020

Matt Valentine. Preserves

Matt Valentine. Preserves (beyond beyond is beyond, 2019)


miércoles, 1 de julio de 2020

Kawabata Makoto. Jellyfish Rising

Kawabata Makoto. Jellyfish Rising (FunfUndVierzing, 2005)

Speed Guru meets Manuel Gottsching


jueves, 25 de junio de 2020

Big Blood. Space Gallery 1.27.07 Sahara Club 1.28.07

Big Blood. Space Gallery 1.27.07 Sahara Club 1.28.07 (self released, 2007)


sábado, 20 de junio de 2020

Hellvete. Dietslander

Hellvete. Dietslander (audiobot, 2006)

Increíble registro de la era en que Glen pertenecía al colectivo Silvester Anfang, poco a poco se nota la evolución al sonido actual de Hellvete, este fue solo un escalón dorado.


miércoles, 17 de junio de 2020

The North Sea. Relinquished Sparks

The North Sea. Relinquished Sparks (notice recordings, 2010)

The North Sea presented here as more minimal and delicate, yet maintaining a great degree of intensity and grace. Sparks fly forth in slow motion, their ephemeral luminescence dependent upon the surrounding darkness, gradually landing on new grounds.