jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016

Dead Rat Orchestra. Dead Rat Orchestra Ghostband

Dead Rat Orchestra. Dead Rat Orchestra Ghostband (self released, 2007)

"Recorded live at Colchester Arts Centre in April 2007 when the band supported Silver Mt. Zion, Ghostband is the group’s fourth live document. Featuring Robin Alderton and Daniel Merrill as a duo, the performance starts innocently enough with the fragmented melody of Music Box, descends into violent chaos and ends with a glorious take of Lullaby, augmented by the recorded voice of missing member Nathaniel Robin Mann. Self-released on CDR in April 2007 in a very limited edition, this has become highly sought-after.
Ghostband has been reissued as a limited edition glass-mastered CD in a reverse cardstock wallet, as part of a programme to make the Dead Rat Orchestra back-catalogue more widely available to a new audience. This CD is also available as part of the special offer Hopewell Sound Recordings three CD bundle." Antigen Records


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