miércoles, 6 de julio de 2016

3, 7, 10, 12'' & EP Dia 6. Pantaleimon

Pantaleimon. Tall Trees (abaton book company, 2008)

Mastered by Andrew Liles and produced, recorded and mixed by Degens, the release is only four songs in length but what striking pieces these are! Starting off the proceedings is an instrumental “The Warming”. Its hypnotic beauty is amassed in gentle swaying melody that ends much too abruptly. “Dance of the Honey Bees” makes everything alright again. With Michael Tanner on dulcitone, guitar and Nick Palmer on accordion and harmonium, the melody is quickly established, which then serves as the propeller to Degens tender murmurs. “Sing Night Swallow” is a gentle drone piece that features ghostly vocals and generous slabs of harmonium. The release ends much too quickly with “Tall Trees”. The only piece on the EP to feature actual decipherable lyrics, the mood is haunting. Yet, there is hope. There is light! Her name is a mystery? Pantaleimon”. Tom Sekowski


Take 455!


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