martes, 10 de mayo de 2016

Hush Arbors. Hush Arbors

Hush Arbors. Hush Arbors (ecstatic peace, 2008)

"Water" begins the album with a brief instrumental that immediately sidesteps any negative connotations of 'folk rock' tedium. This is followed, appropriately, by "Follow Closely." Equal parts Byrds, Neil, and the ghosts of a hundred private press loners, Keith's lovely overlapping vocals and guest Ben Chasny's lead guitar solo make this an album highlight. And dig these heavy lyrics: "So I go to the mountains & carry with me / The bones & dust that I've found, that exist within / And set a flame to the dead that follow closely / And I look to the light and see it through her eyes." You go, Dungeon Master! James Jackson Toth

Rue Hollow mp3

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