domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

Natural Snow Buildings. Monsters/Depths

Natural Snow Buildings. Monsters/Depths 7'' (blackest rainbow, 2012)

"Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte sweep us away with two concentrated sides of blissful folk drone. 'Monsters' isn't as scary as the title might infer: it's a lovely whorl of skin kissing folk strings sheltering quiet keys and vocal drifts which owe as much to Indian Raga as they do Celtic influences. The other side 'Depths' has a dustier Americana feel; what might be a banjo is strummed to fragile vocals under sky arching distortion and wheezing olde time vibes. It's twee, but sincerely so, and with enough psychedelic potential to scare off that lass on the opposite platform." Boomkat

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