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Imbogodom. And They Turned Not When They Went

Imbogodom. And They Turned Not When They Went (thrill jockey, 2011)

"...Alexander Tucker and Daniel Beban return to the BBC's Bush House for another nocturnal collection of pure analogue tape work. Here the musique concrète worlds are more defined than on 2010's The Metallic Year. Using live feeds from the Houses of Parliament's bell Big Ben, Tucker and Beban create foreboding landscapes for obscure horror soundtracks where foley techniques of everyday objects turn into threatening phone calls from poltergeist entities trapped inside the warm mixing desk and dusty tape machines. Stretched, slowed, and warped source material takes us back to early electronic synthesis of magnetic tape whilst reveling in the endless possibilities thrown up from processes of analogue experimentation." Thrill Jockey

 02. Slate Grey Light
05. Heir Looms 

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