viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

Boduf Songs. Internal Memo 10'' - Preview

Boduf Songs - Internal Memo 10'' (morc records, 2012)

As you can tell from the song titles, Internal Memo is to be consumed as a whole. Temping and the three songs with memo in the title are the key songs. People familiar with the first records will be happy to hear a few stripped down songs, while the b-side marks the return of the piano that had such an important role in setting the tone for the last album.

The other tracks manage to bind the mini-album together. This limited 10” is the first release by Boduf Songs that was entirely created since Mat Sweet moved from the UK to Toledo, OH. 200 copies were made, in beautiful jackets, designed by Sweet himself, and printed in lush silver ink on black paper by Druckwerkstatt in Aachen, Germany. Morc Records

01. Temping  
03. Internal Memo

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