martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

The Juniper Meadows. A Forest of Lights

The Juniper Meadows. A Forest of Lights (mymwly, 2005)

"Like walking through fields in summer, or lying beneath the stars on a clear night. Each track has a different approach, differing in both instrumentation and mood. To illustrate, I'll describe my favourite tracks. "Morning Mist and Fog" is based solely on a gentle melodica melody, but it is both honest and touching in its rural atmosphere. "Alchemists in the Snow" is based on one dominating theme on banjo and oud. "The Winter Cistern" has a darker, lower sound to it, and is again very different from the other tracks." Evening of Light



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  1. Hi, The track 4 is missing, can you fixed please? M

    1. damn! didn't notice that missing track! of course i'll fix that, thank you for letting me know

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