martes, 23 de enero de 2018

V/A. Trighplane Terraforms No.1

V/A. Trighplane Terraforms No.1 (mental telemetry, 2003)

Compilación que abarca nuevas composiciones por parte de Magic carpathians, Six Organs of Admittance y Vibracathedral Orchestra

Take 594!


domingo, 21 de enero de 2018

G Lucas Crane. Evil Eye Broadcast

G Lucas Crane. Evil Eye Broadcast (tape tektonics, 2006)

"This one was my careful careful composition album that i did not make live, but instead took my time cleaving bits and pieces out of weird field recordings that i made in my house, which at the time was venue called "Fort Awesome" where punk bands and noise bands and lil indie pop-bands played. I wasn't still living there at this time, i had moved, but when i move i move with my tapes and my memories like a huge body, externalized nervous system. themes of choices, and of the moment when you should have been paying attention but didn't, and you remember the loss of something important, like passing a really good musician playing on the street, and only realize what they were trying to tell you when you are laying in bed days later. I was also trying to fuck with my experience of the flow of time, in real time, as one does." G Lucas Crane


sábado, 20 de enero de 2018

domingo, 14 de enero de 2018

The Skygreen Leopards. Leave the Family (demos & outtakes)

The Skygreen Leopards. Leave the Family (demos & outtakes) (2017)

Demos, ensayos y rarezas de su último álbum Family Crimes, las cuales son muy similares a las versiones finales.


miércoles, 10 de enero de 2018

Deru. 1979

Deru. 1979 (friends of friends, 2014)

Un album atrapado en el tiempo, electrónica  alemana de mediados de los 70 a la onda de Edgar froese, el Tangerine Dream de Encore, Michael Hoening, Cluster para los amantes de la vieja escuela del krautrock.


lunes, 8 de enero de 2018

Almaden. Come On, Do The Monster Mash

Almaden. Come On, Do The Monster Mash (deep white sound, 2007)

"Full length of twisted folk / psych-americana from san franciscan multi-instrumentalist Almaden. Recorded at the Druid Heights Commune 20 Miles east of Gizdich Rach, featuring druid singers and hand clapping and maybe Alan Watts on “Creatural Spiders” Deep White Sound

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martes, 2 de enero de 2018