domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2015

Larkin Grimm. Moons of June

Larkin Grimm. Moons of June (self released, 2015)

Parplar Vol. 2???? simplemente espectacular regreso de uno de los pilares del space-folk. Efectivamente tracks grabados durante las sesiones de aquel maravilloso album en 2008, y a pesar del paso de los años estas canciones se escuchan tan actuales como si fuera una sesión completamente en vivo.

"These were the songs I was writing during the Parplar Era, when I was traveling constantly and living in a tent or in my car or sleepig on couches. As a result they were all recorded outside of a studio environment and you can hear the birds and the insects and frogs and helicopters in the recordings if you listen carefully. I was happy to live outside for a couple of years and it was a beautiful, spiritual, productive time musically. These are songs about my anarchist friends, my wild and dirty lovers, hippies who took care of me when I was sick and earth mamas who fed me. Oh yeah, and Wizards. Real wizards and shamans I met who tripped me out hard and taught me that MAGIC IS REAL." Larkin Grimm


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