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MV & EE. Live at Baby's All Right 2014

MV & EE. Live at Baby's All Right, Williamsburgh, NY. Febrero 24, 2014

"Night two of MV & EE‘s Monday residencies at Baby’s All Right delivered on the same or an even higher level than the first. No longer stuck with a Monday of a holiday weekend for a time slot, the duo of Erika Elder and Matt Valentine played these two sets to a well-packed house. Set one found the pair getting things on track, with them sharing their cover of Pink Floyd’s “Green Is the Color” again, among other gems. But it was set two that really found the Vermont-based pair firing on all cylinders, playing perhaps the most concise yet diverse song cycle of the four that they shared during these New York performances. After a perfectly-timed “Tea Devil”, Valentine picked up the sitar to jam profusely on “Environments” which flowed into “Space Drums” — an audacious move considering MV & EE weren’t even playing with a drummer. They ended the night on “Lead Me To Vibration” from their latest LP, Shade Grown, leaving us with positive vibes we hope will carry over to their next visit." acidjack from nyctaper.com

pueden bajarlo de la página oficial you can download it with a little search in the official page



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