viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2020

Pelt Part Wild Gate. Hung on Sunday

 Pelt Part Wild Gate. Hung on Sunday (MIE music, 2013)

Nathan Bowles, Mike Gangloff, Patrick Best, Tycho Shea-Gangloff, Pascal Nichols, Kelly Jayne y Michael Morley.

"Hung On Sunday documents this extraordinary performance, when an intercontinental ensemble folded up into a mid-size room in a little corner of England tapped into the music that has long transfixed the world. The results are sublime. The first tentative taps and chimes coalesce over three quarters of an hour into something with the sonic integrity of a holy rite; the artists passing from noisenik offhandedness to breathtaking solemnity. It is a dangerous thing to conjure with alien magicks and musics. But the members of Pelt, Part Wild Horses and Gate did so with care and reverence. And the music moves us as much as it did when the world was still young." Brent S. Sirota

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