jueves, 11 de julio de 2019

Comoros & Expo '70. Live at Germ Books

Comoros & Expo '70. Live at Germ Books (sonic meditations, 2012)

''Recorded live in 2009 by Scott Slimm (aRchive) while Expo '70 was on a Fall US tour at Germ books in Philadelphia, PA, the home of Comoros. Originally to be released on CD by aRchive, Scott Slimm's label, the project has left hanging out unreleased since the label is now defunct. This release captures a majestic foray into sonic sound, each band lay down tight experiments in this confined book shop around mystic books and trinkets inspiring the night's vibe. As the World Series games were in progress featuring the Phillies, only die hard music fans gathered in the small bookshop to witness these sacred sounds.'' Sonic Meditations

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