lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2018

2018. 13 Moons of Doom

Tom and Christina Carter. Charalambides (out of place, 2018)

Tuluum Shimmering. The One That Touched The Sky (tsr, 2018)

Spiral Joy Band. Pleasure is The Headlight (uzu, 2018)

Pandelindio. Meteoro (rous records, 2018)

 Zaimph. Rhizomatic Gaze (drawing room, 2018)

 Grouper. Grid of Points (kranky, 2018)

The Ivytree. Unburdened Light (recital, 2018)

Hellvete. Droomharmonium (morc tapes, 2018)

The Skygreen Leopards. The Jingling World of (soft abuse, 2018)

Marta SmiLga. Lunar María Vol. 1 (crash symbols, 2018)

Ranas Raras. Tormenta

Loma. Loma (sub pop, 2018)

Animal Collective. Tangerine Reef (domino, 2018)

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