viernes, 5 de agosto de 2016

United Bible Studies. Spoicke

United Bible Studies. Spoicke (fluid audio, 2013)

"With Spoicke, United Bible Studies continues its examination of textured improvised stillness, or what Simon Cummings referred to as a “loose weave tapestry, where broad gestures sit comfortably beside more intricate, filigree passages.” Recorded for the 2009 VPRO festival in Amsterdam, Spoicke introduces baritone Scarborough-Fair minstrelsy and whirling electronic dervishes in the same breath. Billowing curtains of harp and voice are incised with guitar, percussion and lyrical aphorisms. Not so much inventive as it is self-inventing, and not so much electroacoustic as it is dreamscaped and CTRL+Shifted, this deceptively complex composing ethic will reach out to the acoustic purists and the electron snipers in almost equal measures. And don’t even say the word genre out loud."


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