martes, 21 de junio de 2016

Paul R. Marcano and Andre Martin. Valley Flutes-As It IS

 Paul R. Marcano and Andre Martin. Valley Flutes-As It IS (constellation tatsu, 2015)

Valley Flutes: Composed by Paul R. Marcano in 1973 on a SONY TC630, Reel to Reel was played on a typical Recorder ‘flute’ instrument captured with an overdose of echo, recorded three times at slow, medium and high speed to finally be mastered for playback at medium speed. This 45 minute segment is direct from the original 4 hour recording and remains a precursor to the Ambient genre of music that Brian Eno was to popularize much later in 1978. Relax and Enjoy. 

As It IS: Composed by Andre Martin, literally in the nowness of time, As it IS is one of those compositions that arises fro the immutable depth of resonance of being that Andre is so adept at expressing in his music. His work remains timeless in this fashion with nothing contrived beyond what simply ‘is’. to listen, is to understand the breadth of his mind’s eye, as it is. Nun said, listen


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