viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016

James Blackshaw. Lost Prayers And Motionless Dances

James Blackshaw. Lost Prayers And Motionless Dances (digitalis, 2005)

"This release contains just one 34 and a half minute track, which starts with harmonium drones and a C-F-C-F-C-F tuning, and is raga-like, with acoustic 12-string guitar, which evolves beautifully ; this is followed by some semi-acoustic environmental sound improvisations which transforms into a musical group’s performance with some organised noise as one of the elements, until the harmonium, guitar and a cymbal concludes with a sufi-like circular conclusion. According to the liner notes this piece uses 12-string guitar, harmonium, radio, bells, ride cymbal and floor tom.
For this release there are similar interests such as with Six Organs Of Admittance / Red Favorite but also any of the post-Takoma artists come easily to mind. In some way in sphere the recording holds the middle between raga, experiment ans even a sufi experience." Digitalis Industries

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