jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2014

4 años / 4 years

Tony Conrad & Hanged Up. Transit of Venus (constellation, 2012)

Take 351!

Kiss The Anus of A Black Cat. The Nebulous Dream (conspiracy records, 2008)

Take 352!

Wooden Wand & The Omen Bones Band. Horus of The Horizon (three lobed recordings, 2006)

Take 353!

 Sri Aurobindo. Cave Paintings (friends records, 2010)


Take 354!


The North Sea. Exquisite Idols (type, 2007)

Take 355!

Fursaxa. Harbinger of Spring (jewelled antler, 2003)

Take 356!

Gowns. Danger of Intimacy (folktale, 2004)Bandcamp

Take 357!

Africa Germany Germany Mexico Turkey Australia (olde spelling english bee, 2009)

Take 358!

Arrowwood. Beautiful Grave (merlins nose records, 2013)

Take 359!

Wolfmangler. Dwellin In A Dead Raven For The Glory of Crucified Wolves (aurora borealis, 2007)

Take 360!


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