martes, 22 de enero de 2013

Trans Vita Express. Racconto Psicofonico Dell'Aldila

Trans Vita Express. Racconto Psicofonico Dell'Aldila (1974)

"The psycho-phonic tale of the life beyond -as the title says, is a music tale of an imagery train travelling between life and death.This obscure band (including Marcello Giombini on synths and Mario Molino on guitar, both alredy known as soundtrack composers) was in the tradition of italian progressivegroups like Metamorfosi or Jacula, their music is very doomy and sinister, consisting in a long suite with a sinister occult feel, sometimes close Sun Ra's 'black mass' with spoken words (in this case, the deads are speaking!)and an orgy of electronic instruments, concrete sounds and tape manipulation". Mutant Sounds

Pre- Space Folk

Obra Maestra

Take 297!


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