miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

Bird By Snow & Cursillistas - Previews

Cursillistas. Observe Ember Weeks (l'anymaux tryst (field) recordings, 2012)

Por un largo tiempo guardado bajo llave, una colección de tracks grabados entre 2007- 2009

02. Bed Of Weeds
08. Bona Dea

Bird By Snow. Offering (gnome life records, 2012)

"Inspiration was also found in human stories and doings. Lyrics center around our tribal past and future, old ritualistic relationships to nature, our potential to be truly at home in the wild, and conversely our will to change it. Indeed as easily as one may visualize a foggy redwood forest as the record plays you may also see and hear tools being sharpened, fires being lit, stone walls being built, and ceremony being held"




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