martes, 5 de junio de 2012

Davenport. Davenport 12''

Davenport. Davenport 12'' (not not fun, 2005)

"After way too long dredging the sub-muck underworld of dead-junk CDRs and murky/mystical cassettes, Madison, Wisconsin’s most unruly musickal skull-cult, Davenport, finally burn a batch of their heathen earth songs into some sunburnt vinyl grooves. Eerie psychic vibes and scorched earth folk death hymns emanate from battered acoustics, amplifier ghosts, demonic rural clatter, and doomed calls of the wild. These are campfire songs for killing fields. On transparent aged-blood wax, in skeletal-rider silk-screened jackets." Not Not Fun

Take 231!


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